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Bodiscent is a natural and effective internal deodorising supplement that keeps your body fresh and healthy from the inside. It is like deodorant and antiperspirant but better as it gives you complete body freshness from head to toe. Bodiscent contains in precise proportions, a mix of natural ingredients with astringent properties to gently cleanse the body from within.

Bodiscent is formulated to achieve a gentle yet thorough clean of your system, using simple carefully-selected plant substances that eliminate residues and bacteria.

Bodiscent is powerful enough and safe enough for those who maybe sensitive to unnatural chemical based deodorant and antiperspirant.

Our remarkable formula will help to detoxify your whole system, improving Health, well-being and confidence.

In fact, Bodiscent assists in the creation of a healthy biochemical environment in the body, by supporting natural detoxifying mechanisms.

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How Bodiscent works

Bodiscent keeps you fresh and feeling your best.

Bodiscent is a unique natural supplement that has been developed to target scents produced by our body. It's secret ingredient is chlorophyllin, a water-soluble, chlorophyll derivative that cleanses your body by absorbing the toxins in your skin and stomach. Each tablet contains 100mg of chlorophyllin and is designed to provide total day and night protection.

Unlike topical deodorants, sprays, intimate washes, powders and breath mints, Bodiscent does not mask, it eliminates. It is an internal deodorant that works naturally from within to alleviate everyday scents before they are excreted through the skin and breath.

Combat your body deodorant needs from the inside with Bodiscent and be Confidently Fresher Naturally.


All Bodiscent supplements are manufactured under strict guidelines. Bodiscent is manufactured in the UK using only the best grade herbal ingredients. Our formulations are among the strongest in the market place today.
Precautions: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This product is a nutritional supplement and should not replace a varied, balanced diet. Keep out of the reach of children. Store away from direct light, heat and humidity. As with any nutritional supplement, you should consult a health professional before taking this product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have health problems.

Our Testimonials

  • Lesley
    I'm a professional ballet/contemporary dancer and often dance with a partner. At my time of the month I notice my body odour increases, possibly due to my hormones fluctuating and this makes me very conscious as I’m required to be up close and personal. To combat this in the past I'd shower on site as well as at home and use feminine wash's and scented liners. Thanks to Bodiscent I’m saving time and money on odour prevention and I have peace of mind to do what I love... Bodiscent gives me such relief.
  • Lilly
    My diet is not the best and I should be drinking more water but I really don’t like it. Because I wasn't drinking enough my groin sweat odour was beginning to concern me, especially when I used the toilet or when I'd squat at the gym. Bodiscent relived me of that worrying feeling and has given me the freedom to really enjoy my fitness classes.
  • Kyle
    As embarrassing as this is, sometimes I experience a cheesy smell and I've tried lots of things, soaps, wash's etc, I've even asked my GP about it and have been told it is just my sweat smell...Hands down Bodiscent is the Real Deal! After 2 days the smell was gone. I would highly recommend this...
  • Brian
    I've always had body odour from my school days and I've tried lots of things. I'm 26 now and it even became a problem for my girlfriend. She's the one that found Bodiscent and after a couple of days it was like magic and the smell had gone. I'm a real romantic and my girlfriend is so cuddly with me now, "Bodiscent!" saver of my love life lol.
  • Mark
    My wife is super healthy and doesn’t like when I have a drink with the lads as she says she can smell it on me the morning after the night before. She recommend Bodiscent and now says she can't smell anything... happy wife, happy life!
  • Shafi
    It's in my culture to regularly cook and eat curries, but my husband has said he can smell it on himself the next day at work and when together he has said he can smell it on me... Bodiscent has definitely helped us both.
  • Alan

    I’m a smoker and find that the smell lingers on my breath no matter what I do to try and cover it up. Two days of Bodiscent and the cigarette smell is barely detectable... surprised at how quickly it worked.

  • Chloe
    I'm a Pescatarian and love Fish but it doesn’t love me. Whenever I sweat I can smell it under my arms and especially in my groin area, not to mention when I come from the gym. I heard about Bodiscent and gave it a go, Best! Decision I ever made. I'll confidently do cardio now.
    Grosvenor Square London
bodiscent internal deodorisor

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Introducing our Sea Moss range

We believe Body confidence starts with Bodiscent, meaning what you put in is what you will get out. Our natural raw organic Sea Moss also known as (Irish moss) comes from the Caribbean, sustainably sourced, vitamin D sun dried with the use of no chemicals and practising fair trade. Our sea moss is sun dried after wild crafting to keep optimal quality and once placed in spring water preferably of a pH 7 and above will triple in size regaining its original form. Example your 0.16oz dehydrated Sea moss will become 16oz hydrated so be sure to re-hydrate in a big enough bowl.
Did you know the body is made up 102 minerals and Sea Moss contains 92 of those minerals, making it one of the best ways to replenish nourish and strengthen your body. It's a Cell food, an enzyme and Dr Sebi approved. Antioxidant rich its bursting with minerals known to help several illnesses and diseases making your body optimal grounds for well-being and healing. A lot of brands tend to cook (to widen profit margins) or bleach (to whiten its visual appeal) the sea moss distorting its nutrient qualities, but here at Bodiscent we guarantee a high level of purity. Sea moss aids your body when transitioning to healthy living diets. It’s a direct source of collagen helping bones, joints, teeth, skin etc promoting longevity and a youthful appearance. A few tablespoons applied to your bath softens the water leaving the body feeling smooth and supple. Sea moss can also restore natural curls in your hair by applying a little bit of the paste and a leave in conditioner. The uses for Sea Moss are endless and further information can be found on our socials.

Our Natural Raw Organic Sea Moss

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